Citrix China Jobs

The following job position opens from 2016/05/25.

Job Requisition External URL
28705 Technical Support Engineer-Windows and Linux Base (Open)
R2348 Software Engineer-GS (Open)
R2558 Software Development Manager – AppDisk (Open)—AppDisk_R2558-3
R2844 Software Development and Test Manager (Linux and Android Receiver) (Open)–Linux-and-Android-Receiver-_R2844-3
R3089 Software Development Engineer(GS) (Open)
R3090 Software Engineer (Open)
R3091 Software Manager (XD cloud service) (Open)–XD-cloud-service-_R3091-1
R3363 Lead Flow Specialist(Inside Sales) (Open)
R3411 Product Manager Intern (Open)
R3364 Senior Technical Support Engineer (Open)
R2240 Product Designer (Open)
R2565 Sr. Software Engineer- AppDisk (Open)–AppDisk_R2565-1
R2566 Sr. Software Engineer- AppDisk (Open)–AppDisk_R2566-3
R2621 Sr. QA & Automation Engineer – AppDisk (Open)—Automation-Engineer—AppDisk_R2621-3
R2787 Senior Software Engineer(PI&A) (Open)
R2846 Automatoin & QA Engineer (Android Receiver) (Open)—QA-Engineer–Android-Receiver-_R2846-4
R2847 Automation & QA Engineer( Linux Receiver) (Open)—QA-Engineer–Linux-Receiver-_R2847-6
R2856 Sr. Software Engineer(Android Receiver) (Open)
R2857 Sr. Software Automation& QA Engineer(Android Receiver) (Open)–QA-Engineer-Android-Receiver-_R2857-9
R2858 Sr. Software Automation& QA Engineer( Linux Receiver) (Open)–QA-Engineer–Linux-Receiver-_R2858-6
R2926 Software Engineer – Apps and Desktop Delivery Development (Open)—Apps-and-Desktop-Delivery-Development_R2926-3
R3062 Client Virtualization Software Engineer(AppDisc) (Open)
R3063 Client Virtualization Software Engineer( DesktopPlayer) (Open)–DesktopPlayer-_R3063-5
R3064 Client Virtualization Software Engineer(DesktopPlayer) (Open)
R3065 Client Virtualization Software Engineer( DesktopPlayer) (Open)–DesktopPlayer-_R3065
R3066 Client Virtualization Software Engineer(DesktopPlayer) (Open)
R3365 Software Engineer-Android Receiver (Open)
R3429 Product Manager (Open)


Anyone have any queries can send the CV to me and refer to the direct Manager who opened the position, i will give my suggestions for you, the email to accept resume is

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